Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent

Before you serve the attached notice to your tenant(s), make sure you can answer YES to each of the following questions. If not, your notice may be invalid. If you file an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board based on an invalid notice, your application may be dismissed and you will have to start over.

Your tenant has until midnight on the day that rent is due to pay you the rent. Make sure you wait until the day after the rent was due before you give the tenant this notice.

If your tenant pays rent by the month or year, you must give at least 14 days notice. If your tenant pays rent by the day or week, you must give at least 7 days notice.

When counting the days, do not include the date you are giving the notice to the tenant. For example, if you give the notice to the tenant by hand on March 3rd, the first day of the 14-day notice period is March 4th; in this example, the earliest termination date would be March 17th. If you are giving the notice to the tenant by mail or courier, you have to add extra days in calculating the termination date. Read the Instructions to this form to see how many days you have to add.

If there is more than one tenant in possession of the rental unit, fill in the names of all the tenants on the notice. Make sure you spell each tenant's name correctly. You must give each tenant a copy of this notice.

Be sure that you have provided the full address - be sure to also identify the correct rental unit and provide the postal code.

Make sure you have correctly calculated the amount you believe the tenant owes. Check the calculations in the table on page 2 to be sure the Total Rent Owing is correct. Then check that this amount matches the amount you put in the box on page 1.

This form is only for non-payment of rent. Rent includes the basic rent for the rental unit, plus any amount the tenant pays you separately for services (such as parking). If the tenant is paying all or a portion of a utility bill directly to the utility company or indirectly through the landlord, this is not considered rent. See the Instructions for more information.

You should not use this form to ask the tenant to pay amounts other than rent (such as the last month's rent deposit or an NSF cheque charge).

If you don't, the notice may be invalid.

You should complete this checklist for your internal confirmation before you give the tenant the notice.